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Having a malfunctioning washer can be a real pain that results in small leaks, unclean clothes, major flooding, and more. At Southern Hills Appliance Repair Professionals, we understand that if your washer isn’t working properly, it is urgent to get it repaired. For all your washer repairs and services in Southern Alberta, you can always count on us. When you choose us, we strive hard to get your washer working again efficiently.

Common Issues of a Dryer Breakdown

If you have noticed issues with your washer, we recommend scheduling a repair with our professionals. Some of the common problems of your washer and their solutions are:

➜ Your washer is not turning on
In most cases, this is caused by a tripped switch from an imbalanced load that can be easily resolved by redistributing clothes. You can also have issues with your outlet or timer circuit that can be taken care of by our professionals.

➜ Your washer is not spinning properly
If your clothes are soaked at the end of a wash cycle, it may indicate that your washer is not spinning properly. This can be due to damaged wires, defective lid switch, worn out or broken drive belt, burned out spin solenoid, or a bad timer contact. Be sure to evenly distribute your clothes and mix smaller items with larger items that help balance the load.

➜ Excessive vibration
If you notice excessive vibration in your washer machine, it might be due to your appliance not levelled properly or located on a weakened wood floor. It can also be due to worn damper pads or snubber pads.

➜ Leaking washer
Loose hoses, drain pipe clogs, excess soap, and leaking pumps or tubs could be the main reasons for regular leaks and other similar damages. Make sure that hose connections are tight and that a well-fitting washer is installed. We will also recommend you to adjust the feet of your washer until it is level.

Still having problems with your washer appliance? Schedule a repair with one of our professionals.

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