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A malfunctioning dryer in your laundry room can cause a major inconvenience. If your clothes dryer is not working properly, call us today at Southern Hills Appliance Repair Professionals. Our skilled personnel have the required tools and expertise to get your job done right on time and in an efficient manner. We recommend regular professional maintenance of your appliance that helps prevent high energy costs, inconvenient breakdowns, and safety issues.

Common Issues of a Dryer Breakdown

Some of the common problems in your appliance that you might come across are:

➜ Loud noises
One of those typical malfunctions is strange, loud noises from the dryer. Broken drum support wheels, idler pulley, or worn belts can be the potential reasons for strange sounds.

➜ Not producing heat
A dryer not creating enough heat to dry clothes is often a sign of a broken high-limit thermostat or heating element. It can also be caused by poor air flow out the exhaust vent.

➜ Not working properly
When your dryer is not working properly, make sure to check if it is unplugged or if the circuit breaker has been tripped. It may also be due to broken start switch, bad thermostat, or damaged terminal block.

➜ Drum not spinning
If the drum in your dryer does not spin, it is most likely due to a broken belt. A damaged roller, motor, or pulley can also affect the drum.

Fast and Reliable Solutions

Imagine a day without your clothes dryer. Whether your dryer keeps spinning even when you open the door or your clothes were torn up in the dryer, Southern Hills Appliance Repair Professionals is the right choice. We recommend scheduling regular appliance service and maintenance. Our skilled personnel will completely diagnose the problem and provide appropriate solutions to keep your appliance running efficiently.

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